PINK AUCTIONS: How can I be a part of this?

The Pink Auction Project

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Participating in the Pink Auctions is easy: just make some art that is "significantly pink" (to quote Eliza). Pink is the color of the breast cancer cause ribbon and therefore the color that we have embraced for our efforts. Once you have made that art, the guidelines for listing it on eBay are as follows:

-We will begin the auctions on 10/15/06 and run them through 11/18/06 (giving us about one calendar month).
-All proceeds will go to breast cancer research. That's the point of this whole she-bang.
-You can list your auction under any categories you prefer, as long as it follows the criteria outlined below.
-Each item must be pink in some dominant way... a silver necklace with pink and clear crystals, a knitted hat in pink and red stripes, etc.
-All questions should be directed to and I will address them ASAP.
-When you list an auction, please be sure to post about it in the LJ community with a link and description!

-The template to use for posting eBay auctions is now available here. Please use this template for your auctions so that we will have uniformity. If you have EBSQ listing priveleges, feel free to use that template instead. This one was made by Eliza based on the EBSQ one, I gather, so they'll be similar anyway. The size of photo that fits in this template is 400x400, though there is a little bit of leeway.
-You *MUST* include the words "PINK AUCTIONS" in your title, preferably as the first words of the auction, like thus:
PINK AUCTIONS: hand-knitted wool purse
PINK AUCTIONS: Swarovsky crystal bracelet and necklace set
etc. etc.
Make sure that it is "PINK AUCTIONS" (plural - singular turns up stuff that's not us).
-If you are going to send me the proceeds after the auction (either by check or PayPal), feel free to use your own payment method in the auctions. If you would rather just have it channeled into the larger Pink Auctions account, the PayPal address to use is: Be sure that it is pinkauctions (plural) and not pinkauction (singular) or the buyer's payment will bounce! If you are having the payment go directly to the pinkauctions PayPal account, the cost of shipping is your responsibility.
-Where possible, use the best quality pictures you can and as thorough a description as possible.

-Click on the template link and be sure to send me all the information that is on that template (including pictures!), so that I can properly list your auction.
-Auctions listed by me on behalf of others will be listed under the eBay userID "pink_auctions" (just like the name of the LJ community).
-If I am listing the auction, you are completely responsible for shipping. I will forward you all communications from eBay and the seller, and upon close of the auction, I will notify you and forward that information as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email: